MasterCourse Human Resources and International Mobility 2015-2016
MasterCourse Human Resources and Global Mobility 2018

The global “digital” nomad: 
Economic environment, Swiss compliance and the Global Employment Company
by Dominic Suter

The Global Mobility function:
from tightrope walker performing a balancing act towards knowledge broker and linchpin
by Reimara Valk

The use of digital intercultural coaching with expats
and implications for transition plans in global mobility
by Angela Weinberger ©

MasterCourse Human Resources and Global Mobility 2017-2018
  • Een vergelijkende analyse van de ICT-richtlijn
    en de nationale kennismigrantenregeling door toepassing op een overplaatsing binnen concernverband van een werknemer vanuit de VS naar een onderneming in NL.
    By Sevil Akkas
  • Return on Investment
    Tracking Return On Investment (ROI) of International Assignments is not easy to achieve because of the complex organizational value of International Assignments.
    By Petra Boddé
  • A seat at the table
    Can data analytics support the evolution of the mobility function from being transactional towards becoming a strategic business partner?
    By Vanessa Dullaart